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Anthony Sims - Director of Sims Health - 2015 - 2019 - As a small business we were experiencing difficulties in taking a medical device to market. We got in touch with Joanne on Linkedin and we arranged to meet.

Within12 weeks, Joanne set up our Quality Management System and prepared for the business for a successful visit from a notified body. Joanne is a pleasure to work with and her knowledge and experience is second to none.

Keith Barnett – Consultant – Westmancote – 14/08/2015 - Without doubt, Joanne is an incredibly accomplished expert in quality management and regulatory affairs, who combines a broad range of capabilities with a high degree of common sense, creativity and professionalism most rare among other consultants operating in a manufacturing environment.  

Not only has she an astonishing ability to rapidly understand a wide variety of issues affecting highly technical instrumentation and products, she is a very adept communicator who has an ability to very quickly persuade company owners and employees alike to "Buy in" to new ideas, processes and procedures.  Having used Joanne as an adviser on numerous occasions,

I have no reservations at all about recommending Joanne to any organisation that requires any degree of quality management improvement which, improves profits and productivity, without introducing a deluge of unnecessary and superfluous bureaucracy.

Richard Walker – Head of Sales and Marketing – Sterimedix - 13/01/2015 - Joanne worked at Sterimedix on two occasions on specific projects.


She demonstrated a great knowledge and initiative, so as a result contributed more widely than her original brief.


She completed all her objectives within the required time frames and she quickly gained a good working knowledge of the Company, its products and market place.


Her capacity as a resource and her overall contribution was greatly appreciated and we would have no hesitation in recommending her as a consultant/contractor. Should the need arise we will be calling her back.



Ruud Lans – QA RA Consultant – Durth Ophthalmic Research Center – 10/12/2014 - I met Joanne at DORC International in Zuidland, The Netherlands (near Rotterdam)and worked in a pro-active professional attitude towards our objectives of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs. Joanne's expertise, knowledge of 13485, CE, MDD, FDA 510 K, CFR 820, 14971 and so on, is beyond the customer's expectations!! She is a very friendly person to work with and a nice colleague! I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work closely with her!  


Tom Chapman – Engineering Contracts Manager – Austin Fraser – 19/09/2013 - First and foremost Joanne is a pleasure to work with. She maintains honest, hardworking values and has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she is an expert in her field. She has completed multiple assignments for myself and Austin Fraser. On each occasion Joanne has demonstrated her thorough knowledge in her area and really impacted the business in a positive way. I have clients asking for Joanne’s services time and again, whenever they have a have a need that matches her skill set. And for me, that says it all.



Janet Kay- Director of Regulatory Affairs – Integra Life Sciences – 15/01/2013 - Joanne has an in-depth understanding of the MDD and how it relates to the design and development of medical devices. She is a trusted professional who can be relied on to provide input as to the expectation of a notified body.


David Adams – Global Head, Active Medical Devices, BSI – 14/01/13 - Joanne was a pleasure to work with since she had a good understanding of the Medical Devices Directive and had a positive and constructive manner which allowed timely high quality submissions to be provided.



Peter Gradwell – QA Engineer – Deltex Medical – 14/01/2013 - Joanne is a dedicated individual who has a great knowledge of Regulatory requirements. She is very methodical in the way she carries out her work and when set timelines will always ensure they are met.



Tom Parrott – Head of Technical Operations – Sterimedix – 17/02/2012 - Joanne is an outstanding change agent, someone who is able to help build skills within a business, implement improvements and get people enthusiastic about using new processes or systems. She is very knowledgeable and still eager to learn and develop. I enjoyed working with her throughout her contract.


Joanne is able to prvide very in-depth technical knowledge packages in her affable and friendly manner.


Tom Chapman + Engineering Contracts - Austin Fraser. 2012

Joanne has an exceptional work ethic that ensures she delivers against our clients' requirements, typically well in advance of their target date.


Aaron Federman – Senior Technical Write at Medtronic – 12/11/2012 - Joanne is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of risk management, quality assurance, and regulatory for medical devices. Joanne provided in-depth reviews of both the user manual and device labeling for our ICP neurosurgical monitor to ensure the information complied with FDA and MDD regulations. We were very fortunate to have Joanne on our team.



Graham Whitehead – Quality Engineer – Convatec – 07/08/2012 - Joanne is a very diligent and cooperative RA professional. Her integrity was beyond reproach, but she was always prepared to listen and explain her decisions. I would always recommend Jo as an asset to any team.



Stuart Gibson – Director at DESSA Associates Ltd – 30/07/2012 - I have worked with Joanne as a colleague on two occasions, at Elekta, Crawley, UK and at Integra Life Sciences in Ireland. I have found Joanne extremely knowledgeable in the field of QA/RA and she is always ready to help and advise on technical issues within these areas. Her standards in the work I have seen on Technical Files and RA requirements is second to none. I believe that Joanne would be a considerable asset to any QA/RA department.  


Liam Keene – QA Manager – Rocialle – 19/05/2012 - Joanne is very professional, she is honest and trustworthy, I could confidently leave Joanne to get on with things. Her work and timing is very reliable and when complete, I know it’s a good job.



Nigel Ramana – Senior Group Director – Opus Recruitment Solutions – 25/02/2008 - Amongst the engineering recruitment circles, Joanne's reputation is, as one of the best specialists in South Wales when it comes to Quality/Control and Validation Engineering.  



Ben Rosie – Digital Project Manager – Cellnovo - 28/04/2006 - Joanne was a positive and knowledgeable consultant on the project. Joanne has a detailed technical approach to all things regulatory, she worked on the patents research and the labelling for the Cellnovo devices, meeting all regulatory requirements.


Nikki Hinton – Head of Quality Assurance – Integra  – 22/03/2005 – Joanne is a high achiever and will conduct her work diligently, accurately and on time.



Chris Bumstead – Quality Director – Tyco – 2000 - Joanne has an amazing capacity to learn and succeed. Meticulous and reliable in everything she undertakes, she shows determination and genuine enthusiasm throughout her work. This lady has positive attitude that shines and is infectious to all those around her.